GrafFont V5.6M

Fonts & graphical characters in text mode


Former Shareware for DOS.

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Graffont is a Program providing the possibility of using different fonts and other graphical characters in DOS text mode (VGA adapter required).


  • Various Fonts are included. The registered Version also includes an Editor for creatig/changing fonts and special characters. Up to two different fonts can be active at the same time, one for "dark" colours (0-7) and one for "light" colors (8-15).

  • One Speacial-Character-Set can be loaded in addition to a font. One delivered Set for example replaces the numbers of the selected fonts with LCD-Digits. And the integrated "Extended-Mode" provides characters for creating a nice program surface (see screenshots below). The latter aspect might be interesting for programmers. In the registered Version there is also a Turbo-Pascal Unit (V6.0 or 7.0) available.

  • Options Bold, Italic, Underlined and (since version 5.6) Shadow may be applied on all fonts.

  • Resident and non-resident versions: The characters loaded with the non-resident version will stay active as long as the textmode is active. With reintialisation of the textmode the standard font will return. The resident version reloads the characters each time, the textmode gets reinitialised.

  • Turbo/Borland-Pascal Unit (Versionen 6.0 oder 7.0) available.

  • New in bersion 5.6M: Alternative to the command-line version: Menu-program with graphical surface (extended mode, see screenshot).


Screenshot GraffontScreenshot GrafFont Menü