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On this page you'll find my those of my former DOS and Windows applications that were translated to english. These applications are no longer in development or support. The Windows applications are 32 bit only. They should still work with Windows 10, yet no guarantee is given.

Freeware for Windows (Win9x, NT, 2000, XP, …)

Isg WaveSqueezer is a graphical user interface (front end) to operate a WAV-to-MP3-converter. It it shipped with and already configured for LAME and thus ready-to-go!
Yet it can also be used with nearly any other command line operated WAV-to-MP3 encoder you may possess. It is independent of a specific encoder!
The aim of Isg WaveSqueezer is to make usage of a command line converter much more comfortable.

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Freeware for Windows (Win9x, NT, 2000, XP, …)
Menus for Data CDs containing a movie (e.g. DivX)

This package supplies two different looking menu programs which are meant to easily create a menu for a self-burnt CD-Rom with a movie on it.
Both menus support 4 commands: "Play Movie", "Install Software", "Bonus Material" and "Info" (displaying a short text). The caption on the buttons may be edited (like this the menu may especially appear in any language). The look and behaviour of the menu are configured by an INI file.

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Freeware for Windows (Win9x, NT, 2000, XP, …)
Command line with file manager elements

Advanced Windows Command Line.
The idea of Isg WinCommand was to combine the possibilities of a command prompt (DOS prompt) with the main possibilities of a file manager like changing directories or launching programs by mouseclick!
Isg WinCommand addresses all Windows users who know the main DOS commands and like to use a command line but also always see the disadvantages of pure command lines like the DOS box.

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Freeware for DOS

UUtils is a package of three command line tools for more flexibility using the DOS command prompt. Other than the original DOS commands DIR, DEL and COPY they sport extended Wildcard support (inspired by unix shells) and colored file lists.

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Former Shareware for DOS (contact me, should there still be interest in this tool)

A DOS Tool for replacing the default character set of the text mode in DOS. This allows to load different fonts (up to two at a time) and to create and use own special characters. A Font Edior is incuded.

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