UDir, UCopy, UDel


Freeware for DOS: Three command line tools.

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UUtils is the name of a package of three command line programs UDir, UCopy and UDel. These three DOS-Programs mainly do the same as their DOS brothers. Some features are for example:

  • Colored output of executable files (EXE, COM, BAT) in red, direcories in green and program sources (PAS, BAS, C) in cyan,

  • Support of /S switch for recursing subdirectories (UCOPY, UDIR),

  • UDir can sort files by names (/N) or extensions (/E),

  • The remaining free space on the drive is shown not only after UDir but after execution of all three Utils.

But the very big difference is the support of UNIX-similar Wildcards like for example:

  • *ISG*.* : All Files, whose name contains the string ISG

  • *A?.* : All Files, that have an A in front of the last character of their names

  • *.[E,C,B]* : All Files, whose extension starts with an E, C or B (incl. all EXE-, COM- and BAT-files)

  • *[0..9,X]??.* : All Files, that have an X or a decimal digit in front of the last two characters of their names.


Screenshot 'UDIR /P /E /W'Screenshot 'UDIR /P /N'